If you would aim for nothing each day, the goal is easily met. You will be quite miserable in doing so, but you would have knowingly sat still rather than make the effort to climb.

As with most things, it is up to you to determine the level for which you would accomplish something in a day. There are high or low roads to take and there are strong and weak efforts to be applied. No choice or aim becomes your choice or aim.

It takes a bit of courage and determination to set out to succeed each day. To learn something new, to carry forth a positive habit and to relate well with others requires an aim for the effort. There will be failures and success along the way, but you at least would have aimed to climb a bit each day.

More are regretful for never having tried, over those that did willingly apply themselves and succeeded even a little bit.

“One that would have the fruit must climb the tree.” — Thomas Fuller —


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