The right decision to be made, at the precisely the right time, is rarely determined by following the consensus of the group. For a leader, the key to making successful decisions with the group is to be more centered in molding the course they will take together over time, rather than to quickly determine a consensus of decision by taking a vote.

More people might feel one way over another, but this alone does not make it the right decision. Each has their own insights, experiences and passions, but the leader’s function should be to interpret the insights to set a course for optimal success. Accomplices are required for even the precisely correct decision to be made and then executed effectively.

A rightful consensus is molded over time by the leader with engaged peers to then have all or most individuals going in the same direction. The accountable leader features what has been learned and what will be applied next from that learning to direct a shared course for success. In the end, results matter much more than popularity. The right way is seldom the easy, nor the most popular way.

What great cause would have been fought and won under the banner “I stand for consensus.” — Margaret Thatcher —


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