For a simple life, it would seem easiest to only stick to what we believe we already know to be true and hold to those beliefs. To only attempt to live from a few tried and true thoughts that may have worked for us. to develop a consistent pattern that will get us through each day, never wavering to discover something new. But, when change becomes imminent, those in pursuit of the simple life will find themselves to be the most challenged of all.

If you’ve always done it one way, focus to learn another. If you’ve grown opposed to trying something new, you’ve actually become opposed to learning.

Focus instead to see and do something in a way that you’ve never seen it as or acted upon it before. Rearrange your efforts to do at least one thing per day as the “first” time you have approached it in this way. Open your mind to to learning above the routine and mundane patterns that hold you back.

Turn left instead of right. Look up instead of down. Pause to observe more deeply and broadly what you’ve seen a million times. Smile and relate with others when you would usually be somber and quiet.

Learning is the quest to be prepared in the present moments and for whatever may be next as they look for it. The continuous learner lives a much simpler and easier life than those holding onto old beliefs that will not apply well to ever-changing conditions.

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” — Pablo Picasso —


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