Truth be Found

We rarely know the truth of the matter up front. We will come to eventually learn the truth by application of prevalent theories over time and within variant conditions. The truth becomes the simplest form of a very complex set of theories that is the most reliable over time.

Let me feature a somewhat obscure truth be found example, running. In the simplest form of truth that I am aware of for how running is truly defined would be: running is a controlled fall. This isn’t a popular opinion, it is a scientifically found truth in simplest form.

When we rarely know the simplest form of found truth up front, be conscientious enough to weigh the balance of theories. Be patient to find the truth, rather than assume it. Demonstrate social intellect to not convey nor convince another of an assumed truth until it has been found. Truth should be found by application and not by convenient assumption.

“Truth is found neither in the thesis not the antithesis, but in the emergent synthesis which reconciles the two.” — Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hagel —


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