It is our choice to approach the future of our lives with anticipation or apprehension. With a clear direction set, we are more apt to anticipate as we have prepared for and will more likely come to live. With no clear direction and preparation, we merely settle to accept our fate with apprehension.

The time span of anticipation as we near a moment of success is almost as invigorating as the moment itself. To have waited for something to arrive that you intentionally set out toward is much more exciting.

Anticipation requires a discipline to willfully engage in the discoveries of life. To stretch for new possibilities. To set goals that align with your purpose in life and bring you closer to reaching it. To actively compete in the arena rather than watching from the stands.

The effect of living a life of anticipation over one of apprehension is of great difference. There is a contagion that you emit for others that surround you for both anticipation and apprehension. Give me the one with anticipation for a zestful life at every turn and I will follow. Show me one lying in apprehension and I will move on without them.

“Anticipation was the soul of enjoyment.” — Elizabeth Gaskell —


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