With the capacity to persist in our efforts, we can build something of value over time. If we had accepted to casually quit even once along the way, the full value would never be realized. Persistence to evolve through continual learning and then acting for a purpose is the key to discovering success. Rarely would we succeed fully if we only started things and then quickly gave up on them.

By example, I’ve now written a post for this blog each weekday morning since June of 2018. On September 22, 2022, there will have been 1,100 consecutive posts. From persistence, I continue learning by writing to position/challenge any reader to consider to do the same.

At this milestone, I want to again thank those regular readers that persist to read along with me to learn as well. My aim remains to be that these posts in some way have helped you to continue learning for yourself. I still have the sense that there is a definitive value to be derived from our shared persistence. I am still learning. A few data points gathered from the onset of this blog:

12,099 Views of the Applied Learning Blog from web searches

7,053 Visitors to the website

100+ Countries represented by readers

1,100 Posts

“Beginners are many; finishers are few.” — Stephen Covey —


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