Opportunity Will Knock

It is impossible to know precisely when an opportunity of a lifetime will occur for us. It would be better for us to have prepared for it to occur, as if would possibly coming at any given moment. We may never know when, but we believe it will knock at some point.

With optimism, we are preparing for and working towards being better ourselves. The optimist learns and will then cast an even greater aspiration for their efforts and their resulting outcomes. It may not happen when they wanted it to be or as they had hoped it would be, but they were prepared to learn as the opportunity knocked.

The pessimist is closed and wants things to granted to them without the determination and resolve to have worked for it. Their mind is closed to learning rather than open. They will eventually become bitterly opposed to learning for themselves as life has simply dealt them a poor hand. Opportunity very rarely finds the pessimist, nor would they be prepared for it if it would.

“A pessimist is somebody who complains about the noise when opportunity knocks.” — Oscar Wilde —


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