Determined Balance

For those of you that have regularly read these posts, I often refer to the importance of an open mindset. A calmness to actively discern and determine a mindfulness in pursuit of your life’s purpose. There is a balance to be found between and open and a closed mindset that fits you best. This is the better way to proceed.

From an open mindset, we are able to learn. We overtly consider and reconsider salient references and experiences for those things we are open to. Our informed actions may then follow the open determination to have learned.

From a closed mindset, we merely hold still. We will not consider or reconsider another reference or experience so that we hold to our comfortably current position or at least knowingly tolerate it. Our actions remain unchanged to absorb no progression or digression.

A calm determination in the balance of an open or closed mindset is critical. Discover and accept it when you are stuck. Recognize the necessity to explore again. Shift the balance more towards open. You won’t openly give way to every new thought or concept, but you will genuinely consider each in pursuit of your life’s purpose. Balance is the key as we know with an entirely closed mindset we will have pursued nothing. Calmly find your mindful balance.

“The mind is like water. When it’s turbulent, it’s difficult to see. When it’s calm, everything becomes clear.” — Matti Charlton —


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