To prosper in life is mush more than to succeed financially or in material terms. We come to genuine prosperity as the result of putting a great deal of ourselves into something that truly matters and then succeeding. Prosperity is more purposeful and meaningful than good fortune, it is merited from our efforts to the benefit of ourselves with others.

Prosperity may be in the form of a physical, emotional and/or relational benefit attained by our focused efforts toward a greater purpose in our lives. It is much more than financial success. It is fleeting if you would lose sight of your efforts to retain it.

Define first the prosperity you aim to pursue, don’t wait for it to happen to you. Center your focus to the shared benefit of others so you enjoy prosperity with those closest to you and your efforts. The amount of effort put into the pursuit will determine the level of prosperity earned, expedite and engage fully with the efforts. Apply what you are learning in the experience and thrive on the moments along the way as adversities are being overcome.

“Prosperity belongs to those who learn things the fastest.” — Paul Zane Pilfer —


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