Set the Bar

If you set the bar low enough, you will always attain it. There is no simpler quote to exemplify that without determined goals that stretch us to learn and to grow, we would simply stand still. What a waste of a lifetime of opportunity to contribute for ourselves and others.

Despite the known and anticipated challenges of setting lofty goals, we will set sound expectations if we aim to thrive. Not as all accelerator with no brakes, but with a conscientious and prideful tract set to grow and improve in matters that mean the most for us. For matters that directly and positively impact the significance you offer in your life’s purpose.

Goals become actionable and attainable when you act, not when you hope to act. Just start today in one area to stretch yourself again. Position it to be within the scope of your life’s purpose. Set the bar high and learn your way through to that level or greater. It needn’t be to run a marathon next month or to earn a specific promotion in a short period of time. It needs only to be a stretch of consistent new/improved exertions away from where you stand today that will give you a meaningful experience in life.

“High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectations.” — Charles Kettering —


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