When feeling as though you are possibly facing an insurmountable challenge, we have a choice to make. Each of us sees these obstacles differently. One will see ahead that the challenges are negative and quite complex, while another will see little challenge at all. In our perspective of challenges, we need to remain conscientious for how we frame ourselves to progress forward.

If we tell the story to ourselves that we are overwhelmed, we will hold back or not move at all. If we tell the story that we are capable and strong enough to move through this, we will begin to do so.

Focus the story to frame and act upon the most productive steps forward. From initial progress and experience, the remainder of the steps to take will become apparent. We are each capable of tremendous things if we can only remain determined to overcome the obstacles that may lie ahead. It may not be easy, but it is the better way.

“Think progress, not perfection.” — Ryan Holiday —


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