In setting a course for success with another, there will come a time when you wish to object to the ideas of the other. How would you make it know that you oppose their approach?

If you were to always be an ardent opponent of every idea, others will refuse to work with you at all. If you were to always remain silent and wait to either criticize the other or take credit for their ideas in the end, they will eventually refuse to work with you as well.

In the middle ground lies the capacity to have a reasonable and objective dialogue with one another to discover the better way together. Both would seek to discover the way. Ideas would be stated and a singular course would be set together, each with the mutual determination to do the right thing rather than to be right in their own original thoughts.

The balance lies in the basis to have learned by application together what the better way is. The balance requires a shared ownership of being more successful together in the process. An objection to an idea is simply an opportunity to discern for a better theory before the theory is applied. Remain open to the right thing to do from what you have learned and will learn from again.

“Treat objections as requests for further information.” — Brian Tracy —


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