Applied learning for me is the determination of what is real and transferable for us to take in and build upon. A curiousness to test a belief or theory and discover by experience for ourselves what will work best under current and future conditions.

It is foundational to gather facts through study and observation the acquisition of facts from what we read and what we seek to hear from others. But, real learning for us only becomes useable and transferable across experiences from our own application. In science education we have labs to apply the theory or facts into practical experience. In athletics, we practice what we learn in various conditions to perform well in a contest together.

An open-mindedness to new facts and new ideas to be applied in our daily lives is the practice of continually learning. A closed mind will have none of this, believing we already know everything we need to know even when change is inevitable. Look to discover something new each day to fold into your bank of intellect by application. Learn, apply and learn again from your experiences.

“The main part of intellectual education is not the acquisition of facts but learning how to make facts live.” — Oliver Wendall Holmes —


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