As Steve Jobs noted, creativity is connecting things. The ability of people to connect with one another in the flourish of creative ideas is an incredible experience to play a part in. A connected group will move to be more creative and personally invested toward immeasurable and collective success.

In the absence of a connected force, most will only persist to go along in mediocracy. Challenges aren’t truly accepted and the group holds back with their boldest ideas. Barriers are approached, but never fully overcome. Creativity is shelved so the comfortable, guarded and easily repeatable status quo will do for all.

From genuine connections of one with others, the work is featured as a passion rather than a thing we do to get paid. Each will aim to contribute all that they can and then others pursue to do the same or even more.

Genuine connections can’t be formulated in a project plan or a five step process. They are organically developed by learning experience with one another within the opportunities presented. Trust and the passion to succeed sets the stage. A movement is formed to bolster all ideas, facilitate open communication and foster relationships with the connectivity necessary for each to excel.

It is rare to find this level of connection in most environments, but we should all aspire to do so. Holding back our capacity to connect will produce only disappointing outcomes with few, if any believers.

“When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something.” — Steve Jobs —


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