Actions to Goal

As we near the latter part of another year, people will begin to formulate New Year’s resolutions that they will then quickly forget about and fail to attain. Some even write their goals down as a plan, but the plan is merely a first step. Everyone can write a plan, but only a few will actually make the improvement in their life that they desired to make.

The challenge isn’t in having a plan, the challenge lies with the persistent execution of actions carried out until you reach the desired level of success determined in the goal. Without the work of the actions applied, you would only have words of resolution written on a page.

From the momentum of the work generated, the actions will come to be formed as habits that are repeatable to promote success. From these beginning actions, increments of success are found and built upon. You override any and all excuses. If the actions would take you off course, the continued work will help you to find your way back into the habits that worked before. You will add work to it as you progress toward success.

You achieve the destination of success in a goal through your determination to act. Reaching the goal is a priority for you and not an option. You won’t need to look to others to motivate you, you have sufficient motivation to do it yourself if it is your priority. Only you will know what actions you need to take, how you will do each action that day and when you will need to do it.

The decision is to successfully act toward the goal until you reach success. This decision only needs to be made once. It has now been 1,034 consecutive days since I made my one decision to exercise daily for 30+ minutes while burning over 700 active calories as tracked on my I-Watch. This required just one committed decision years ago and lots of actions each day to continue proceeding for the goal of being physically fit. Make the one decision and go.

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.” — Tom Landry —


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