Live Forward

You won’t always know how a thing will work out until you actually move through the experience yourself. We can and will make assumptions of the outcome, but we still have to go through it to find out for certain. We can fear or relish the journey to the anticipated outcome, but the application of our inputs, outputs and activities are the only way to find out. Outcomes are the primary teacher, anticipated or not.

We learn by actionable experiences that we set up for and implement to merit the hopeful outcome we desire. Learning to navigate these experiences with a perseverance to succeed affords us the opportunity to grow from them. Unfortunately, the best lessons learned are the hardest for us. Lagging back or complete inaction will only serve to stifle our learned outcomes.

If we would desire to learn continuously from our preparations and determined actions, we enhance our capacity to thrive in our existence. A level of mastery can only be attained from the application of what we have learned and would adapt again to learn from each decision point for why and how to best move forward.

In athletic competition, we would practice a skill to apply under anticipated circumstances to enhance our chances to win a contest. Medical professionals practice medicine for a lifetime to enhance the outcomes of their patients. You as a person and as a professional will benefit most from a similar learning and application practice. What is your learning practice?

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forward.” — Soren Kierkegaard —


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