A Version

It is hard to discern what is the absolute truth. There are written versions of the truth and observations of spoken “influencers” to be found everywhere. We might use these versions to confirm or debunk into formulation of our current perspective, opinion and/or position on a matter. From this process, we make decisions that will directly impact our lives. Some for better and some for worse, regardless of the version we tie into.

Before you would act yourself or speak out to influence others from your version, be certain that you are at least in search of the absolute truth. Know that your character is sound and that you are learning from experience what might be closer to the absolute truth. The truth is a single fact, but one that is difficult and complex to discover. Until a fact is known for certain, be conscientious of the version you are pursuing to find it for yourself. Others will have their course and perspectives, but remain primarily concerned with your own journey. Should you guide others that rely upon you for their success, affirm that they too should also do the same.

We may never discover the absolute truth, to know most things as absolute fact. To learn and to live as one that is aiming to discover it, rather than settling for a version of it, is a life for a continuous learner. A continuous learner that aspires to do the right thing each time in the moment rather than promote to prove themselves right from their version amongst others. Learn again from the reality of your experiences to set and re-set your course. Share only what you know to be a fact, or very near to a fact from your owned and personally accountable experiences.

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” — Marcus Aurelius —


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