Step In

Of course some things are harder for us to do than others. Most things that are easy or just seem to happen for us in good fate will bring no value for us in terms of our growth. Just as a muscle needs to be strained to sustain and to grow, the challenges of our lives will bring us a greater and repeatable value.

In your persistence to continue learning, you will discover that what you are learning will bring you to the better way. A few sacrifices to overcome adversities, rather than hope to walk away or around them, brings wisdom and depth to future decisions as well. From learning through the harder lessons you step into, growth and a greater significance of contribution will result.

If you are presented the opportunity to accept a new challenge, step in to grow from it. Once we would step away from the challenges, we would begin to atrophy like the unused muscle. We use it for growth or lose it. Don’t complain about difficulties, frame in your mind each of them as a means to simplify for yourself and others down the line.

“Do what is easy and your life will be hard. Do what is hard and your life will be easy.” — Les Brown —


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