We may not want it, but a contrast in our lives serves us well as we continue learning. A difference of opinion or perspective on a matter needn’t be a negative thing. If we all thought the exact same way with everything, we would probably be wrong.

From an open-minded dialogue, we can discover the difference and progress from knowing what the other has to share. If we hesitate to hear, we default to only what we know to that point. If we force others to hear us, we would rarely be heard ourselves.

We have the opportunity in life to offer value into the conversations that people come to learn from. If there is contrast between the two, there is likely more to learn. In a rational dialogue, we could all progress. In an irrational approach, neither will move from what they believe to be true.

It’s your choice. Engage with those that will mutually engage with you to learn. Offer your insights and perspective from your current level of experience. If they are closed to this, don’t force it. There may be another opportunity down the road, but rushing over others generally closes the minds of both.

Aim to progress with others to arrive at the next iterations of what both would come to believe. Avoid the urge to determine what others need to be thinking and doing. In most circumstances, they would only progress for themselves along with you if it was from their determination and not yours. Contrast is a good thing in learning.

“Put light against light – you have nothing. Put dark against dark – you have nothing. It’s the contrast of light and dark that give each other meaning.” — Bob Ross —


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