Grace is an uncommon attribute we should all aim to display more of. To approach life with grace means to me that you are engaged fully to learn from all of your experiences. Each positive and negative experience that we come across are deemed as meaningful, in that we grow from each of them. Humility is sustained with success and confidence is upheld with failure.

Grace is a distinguished trait as we relate with others. A person of grace never walks alone. To smile within adversity demonstrates both a calmness of thought and a persistence to grow with one another. There is a clear and decisive purpose that is observable in the character this person displays. Nothing shakes their approach. They are in authentic pursuit of something better, something genuine, and by the end, something more meaningful.

A person of grace is never perfect, but they consistently direct their lives to continuously learn toward mastery for their purpose with others. Simple or complex, grace allows them to always approach the highs and the lows in the same fashion. The graceful make themselves.

“Courage is grace under pressure.” — Ernest Hemingway —


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