A glass half full or half empty? How you approach a matter in life relies a great deal on whether you began with a positive or negative mindset. If you perceive it to be half full, you will have more determination to find the better way. You will learn and apply more toward the resolution, considering more options with a resolve to grow.

From the mindset to succeed, the optimist greatly outperforms the pessimist. To start from “this will never work,” will essentially assure that you would never even have tried. To start from “we can figure this out,” will guarantee that you will grow at a minimum.

There may even be a bit of ignorance for the optimistic point of view, but this is what may afford them more opportunities to succeed. The positive nature of approach overshadows the negative and the open effort is attempted with resolve.

Find a way to win with optimism. Your highest level of success and the best lessons learned would have never been discovered without it.

“Pessimists are usually right and optimists are usually wrong, but all great changes have been accomplished by optimists.” — Thomas Friedman —


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