Parents are the first source of learning for a child. If the child were only to follow that one source for a lifetime, they would fall woefully short of their potential. There is much more for a person to learn for themselves amid a variety of sources. This is where personal discovery adds to the value of what is learned.

For each to be a unique and contributing learner, we should seek multiple points of view on a matter. Because one trusted source or even a large group of people would believe one thing, wouldn’t inherently make it to be true for an eternity. As an active and applied learner, variety promotes an evolution through your own experiences.

A practice of application over time will enhance the personal base of knowledge. You would have lived it rather than simply heard or read about it from one source or one person. There is always room for a better approach to a better answer. From owned experiences amid the variety of resources, we grow from consideration of choice and the outcomes they produce. Wisdom builds amid variety over one static and repetitive approach.

“We need a variety of input and influences and voices. You cannot get all the answers to life and business from one person or one source.” — Jim Rohn —


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