Often, with a sacrifice being made on our part, the outcomes of our efforts are much greater. There is progress made from the extra giving that we provide. This is true not only for how it helps others to succeed, but also from the satisfaction we come to feel because we made the sacrifice.

It would always be easier to be selfish and to not give that extra little bit of effort to improve. To sit back with hesitation, knowing that you would have to do more as a sacrifice, will eventually lead to our own dissatisfaction. A committed act of sacrifice at the right moment perpetuates ourselves and those around us. The act may never be recognized, but we shouldn’t sacrifice for the benefit of praise, but rather for self-satisfaction.

If none of us would make sacrifices, each would come to be deterred from success by the other. There are relationships among the acts that people would or would not engage with for one another. For a better way, each must take it upon themselves to simply be kind, conscientious and to have engaged for the benefit of others.

A sacrifice isn’t a great feat on our part, it’s simply the right thing to do. Happiness begins and ends from the relationships we engage to positively effect from our acts. Do the right thing to make a sacrifice here and there and you will prosper in many ways. Set the stage for others to learn and to excel as well.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others.” — Martin Luther King —


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