Controversy is a part of life. What you do amidst it has a great effect of your continual learning practice. We believe what we believe in the moment from our lived experiences and others from theirs.

For some of our beliefs, we will stand up against the conflicting thoughts of another. This will generally create a controversy. How would you act or react in the moment? A calm and open mind is the best approach for us to act from. A reaction is typically filled with emotion and a less rationale approach. A planned and discerning analysis of the situation will prepare us to act for optimal learning.

If the other is locked into their thoughts, little will be learned by another. To even engage with another’s rogue declaration of being right over any other thought is a waste of time for both. If the other would pause to express themselves and listen to your experiences, both have the opportunity to learn.

In the end, set your course first to learn from controversy as the opportunities present themselves. If there is nothing to be learned, move on with your current best course of actions. With an open mind and sound tactics centered on shared learning, controversy isn’t all that difficult to deal with. Drive on above the moments of controversy.

“Controversy equalizes fools and wise men in the same way – and the fools know it.” — Oliver Wendall Holmes —


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