Most anyone can look at a situation and tell you what is wrong. Many are really good at it and even better well after the time it would have been useful. They engage to do so regularly and then pause at that point. Identifying what is wrong is a common determination, doing something to remediate and improve it is much more rare.

From the accurate depiction of a complex problem, think more of the next and most feasible solution and then the one after that. Think in greater terms of not only what would address the problem, but then evolve to another path for an even greater outcome. This is the basis of persistence that extends the value derived from an earlier solution into the next and the one after that. More of an evolution of growth rather than a pattern of break and fix.

Draw in others with you to go well beyond the identification of a broken thing. From your connected experiences and a concerted passion to continue learning, a greater resolution can be born. There is always a greater value to be discovered together. As an applied learner, aim to go well beyond, “this is broken.”

“Ask what’s possible, not what’s wrong. Keep asking.” — Margaret Wheatley —

MITM #1143

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