To be lazy when a greater effort is required is aimless. To apply yourself at full tilt when a lesser effort is required is near crazy. The right amount of effort at the right time comes from the application of wisdom from lessons learned.

The effort we choose to put forward each day with each task at hand needn’t be all accelerator and no brake. To proactively recognize the precise effort required to do your best work is an indicator of acquired wisdom. When engaged at the right level, we are successful. When disengaged with laziness, we falter with the work.

From your purpose, your goals and your applied learning practice, your efforts will be more like those of a seasoned craftsman and less like those of a hack. The craftsman doesn’t hesitate to discover an easier way to do their best work. If it is within us to discover a better way, we will come to learn by application, but not laziness.

“Human nature is above all things lazy.” — Harriet Beecher Stowe —


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