For any of us to fully comprehend something to a higher level, we would need to experience it for ourselves. The lived experience passes knowledge through our minds and into our actions to be absorbed and then assessed for how we might become better at at it. Give me the surgeon who has performed a thousand successful surgeries over the medical student who has just finished reading about the procedure.

To learn by doing engages the mind to actually experience and apply the learning for ourselves. From that experience the next would be even better. If we do it ourselves, we have the chance to more fully own the process as our own.

Learning is there for those who seek it our continuously. Knowledge is everywhere, but only of value to us as we apply it ourselves in a learning practice. Easy lessons or hard, we learn best by doing and growing through each earned experience where the outcome is dependent upon our capacity to have learned.

“Knowledge is the beginning of practice; doing is the completion of knowing.” — Wang Yangming —

MITM #1149

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