Our level of success is ultimately defined by the learned actions that we take. Opportunities are presented for us to either take or not to take. From opportunities missed, we might negatively affect the course of our life. From opportunities accepted, we would at least have had the chance to learn and to advance from boldly accepting it.

It’s hard to know up front which opportunities to pursue or not. Some look promising, but lead to nowhere. Others look small, but yet can lead to great advancement and phenomenal success. A key is to be prepared to take on any and all opportunities that you rationally and experientially believe will provide the chance to grow from.

Be open minded to opportunities. Be prepared for them. Be bold enough to even create them for yourself. Be determined enough to convert current problems into new opportunities. Opportunities will continue to pass you by if you aren’t diligent in perceiving the chance to expand and grow from them.

“Everything is either an opportunity to learn and grow or an obstacle that keeps you stuck. You get to choose.” — Benjamin Button — (movie quote)


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