A broken promise doesn’t seem to be as damaging as it once was. The nature of a promise today is more of an intentionally manipulative message for others to gain favor for themselves without delivering on it. There is a clear lack of personal commitment and consequence in most cases.

From proactive assurances made and kept with one another, greater things are accomplished. People have aligned their intentional and collaborative efforts together for a greater good and they all work to deliver their part. Not only the words, but committed actions to learn and to grow together. Each accountable and relatable with their own actions and the support of others doing the same. Within the sense of assuring one another that all promises are being kept, a trusting order is developed above and beyond all uncertainty.

Be a person that makes and keeps their promises. Even the ones you only make with yourself. Know fully and conscientiously the promises you can make and can keep before you would speak. Deliver from yourself even more than you promised. Know and relate most with others that will do the same. There is great value and satisfaction earned from being a person of your word. Promise authentically and wisely, others will then seek to know and learn from you and maybe even to emulate you.

“Private victories precede public victories.” — Steven Covey —


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