Present Focus

It is ours to set focus on what is next, versus what may have gone wrong for us. To move and to change we need to look forward and not behind us. Dwell on past experiences only long enough to discern what you can learn from it. Apply the lessons learned in your present focus change agenda and begin the efforts.

If it didn’t go well, it is ours to change. Revisit again the purpose of your life and rationally determine the changes you will need to make. Have a strategy, strategy should precede everything and you learn and apply yourself to change for the better.

If doubts suppress your focus, start with the things that you are the best at. Connect those strengths to the decisions and actions necessary to overcome your fear to move forward. Change requires courage and perspective adaptation to become to know the new course to take.

Focus on what is right in the world to enhance your decisions, not solely what went wrong. Tap the knowledge and experiences of others that have grown from their applied learning focus. As my father has repeated a number of times for me, “build a bridge and get over it.” Present focus leads us to apply the learned changes we will need to make, little else supports the wisdom required to continuously learn in our lifetimes.

“Focus and simplicity… once you get there, you can move mountains.” — Steve Jobs —


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