If we would aim to deceive another to our benefit and not theirs, we will have accomplished very little over time. The one deceived will come to know so one day and they will resent so. It is always better to engage with another in character and honesty, as you would want for yourself.

It’s as shame that deception is so powerful in moving people to follow one another. People want to follow and belong so desperately that they open themselves up to deceit. Some will even come to know they have been deceived, yet persist on as though they weren’t manipulated.

Know the path that you take is fought with deception as others push forward to move others to their liking and not yours. They may seem good on the surface and say the right things, but hold judgment until the outcome is revealed. Be cautious to award your trust from your learned experiences and not only what you were told beforehand.

If you’ve been deceived, own it and learn from it. If you’ve been dealt with honestly and the outcome follows the intent, own it and learn from it as well. Go one experience at a time. Know who you would follow and then follow again to form your beliefs and establish your right actions.

“It is discouraging how many people are shocked by honesty and few by deceit.” — Noel Coward —


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