Silent Time

Most of us are capable of taking in new knowledge as long as it fits nicely with what we already beleived to be true and good for us. When new or different knowledge comes to bare, we are not so easily inclined to consider it.

The most intelligent among us have the innate capacity to earnestly evaluate and even experience new information to weigh with what we currently believe. They can take several ideas and hold them simultaneously, positive or negative with current thought, and work their way through to a better way to think and act.

With great curiosity, be open to what is new even it were opposing or negative with what you think you already know. Continue learning through the evaluation of ideas rather than simply press on with what you are comfortable with. Challenge yourself to see things again as if it were the very first time. From this you will evolve. There will always be a better way for the advancing learners that apply what they continue learning.

“When an idea comes, spend silent time with it. Remember Keats idea of Negative Capacity and Kipling’s advice to drift, wait and obey.” — Rose Tremain —


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