To Learn

John Keats wrote, “nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced.” This, for me, is why we must keep an open mind for learning from the application of why, what, how and when we will act upon the next occasion of experience. We experience and reflect on those experiences with an open mind to learn to succeed, to add value and to contribute more.

Anyone can read a book and observe a lecture, there are a thousand ways to gather forms of knowledge that others have generated for themselves through their experiences. But to learn, those experiences must be applied by yourself to make it your own. The person with more knowledge gathered in a better strategy or a deeper playbook will not be a great competitor until they would have practiced the application of that knowledge, to have internalized to learn to be great with it by experience. From one learning experience to the next, we need to reflect and reapply what is to be kept for the next occasion.

Move in life to learn and continue learning with open mind from experience. Discern for yourself to interpret the benefits of learning as you progress. Aim toward a purposeful life as your guide for what to learn next. Every moment is another opportunity to learn.

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to live.” — Pablo Picasso —


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