Each of us must learn to express ourselves in our own unique way. Expression is a big part of our personality and a key factor in the relationships we sustain with people in our lives we most closely relate with.

We begin as a child to express each raw emotion as a means of our only communication with the world. As we mature, we are conditioned and trained to better learn to express ourselves in a communication form that suits the environment around us.

To temper emotions for social acceptability is important. By nature, we must express ourselves and to ever completely abandon this need is unhealthy in so many ways. By social acceptability we are pressed to fit it, by nature pressed to express.

In between there is a balance we must learn as a means to translate ourselves by expression in promotion of good health and a shared concern with others we are closest with. Interpret your environment and the reaction of others to find a way to express yourself that is most beneficial for your help and your environment.

Pure stoicism or overt drama, find your unique and appreciable way to express yourself that works and continue learning as you evolve.

“The spontaneous power of the child, his demand for self-expression, can not by any probability be suppressed.” — John Dewey —


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