It’s not really a choice, both the head and the heart are essential in our process of learning and contributing for a greater good. I am of the belief that our greatest contributions come as a combination of the head and the heart. Facts and science inform the foundational decisions we come to make, while passion and good will for others defines with character the outcomes we seek together.

Facts and science alone can lead to the wrong outcomes for a society, leaving others to be completely unfulfilled. Passion alone can do the same if they weren’t shared across the larger group. In combination of head and heart, our greatest and most valued contributions are realized.

Think to direct the outcome of your developing knowledge and experiences to be for a greater good far beyond just yourself. A good that propels yourself and others to think and feel as a part of the success and growth. The learning capacity of both head and heart is innate within us. This balance is a key in finding the real meaning of our lives.

“Wisdom and goodness are twin-born, one heart must hold both sisters, never seen apart.” — William Dean Howells —


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