Own it

What would we have learned if we would not own the decisions that we’ve made? In so many recent occasions, I’ve observed that when something goes wrong, the decision makers are no where to be found. It must be the fault of something else, because the someone making the decision purposefully hides. They never experience the decisions they’ve made and the transactional nature of failure will continue on.

Southwest Airlines cancels thousands and thousands of flights and we would be lucky to get an e-mail. A service assured on purchase didn’t occur and it is on us to remediate the issue and not the one making the decisions. These systems will rarely be reliable again until the decisions are owned and relationships are to be restored.

In your own micro-world, stand behind the decisions you make and stand before the people affected by the decisions you make, both good and bad. Relate with people to experience the outcomes together rather than transact to hide behind a computer or faulty system.

Own it to learn from the consequences of it, good and bad. Be a product of your decisions so that you will learn from it. By the way, it’s contagious in that others around you might do the same.

“I am who I am because of the choices I made yesterday.” — Eleanor Roosevelt —


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