My Bad

A great coach and leader for others will be quick to tell others that blame lies with them in failure. In success, the credit belongs to those that chose to follow their guidance.

A critical objective of the coach/leader is the continuous development of each follower. If you are bold enough to choose to lead, you must also be humble enough to accept the outcomes of your decisions that you determined with others. Each decision involves the opportunity for another to grow and to succeed within the overall plan. When planned and implemented correctly. great outcomes follow for all fully engaged.

To lead requires the courage to own for yourself all experiences, both yours and the followers. By personally experiencing each decision together, the follower and the leader will be understood so that they can best learn. No blame necessary, just adaptation of application of what is being learned for the nest effort from both the leader and the follower.

“Be silent of services you have rendered, but speak of favors you have received.” — Seneca —


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