The quality of relationships that you have with others will more determine your secures over time than any other factor. Sheer intelligence and wisdom all alone will not carry you near as far. The world is a series of relationships that are intertwined. These relationships are a major contingency that belies our success. Go it alone and you have very little chance. Go at it together and you will find ample success.

To go at it together is centered on your actions above your words. How you act and with whom you act together is critical to the progress and contributions you will make over time. The aim of a relationship for one is to focus first on the betterment of others over yourself.

The value derived from within genuine relationships that support and challenge one another are tremendous. Add to that value, the power of multiple people thriving to excel at a a thing with one another and success for all is much greater and more sustainable. Relate to bring the number of others upward together and you will prosper in numerous ways.

“When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.” — William Arthur Ward —


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