Anticipation may be a good sense or a bad one, the variance lies with you in how you get there. To wait for something could be that we are fearful or quite excited. As we anticipate future moments, there is great wisdom shown in having fully prepared and acted upon in good character to know more fully what is coming next.

With great curiosity, we come to discover new and greater things that we have intentionally driven towards. The great moments leading up to the positive outcome are some of the greatest memories of our lives.

With hesitation, we hope to not discover something new and we therefore hold back on our learning process. When we fear the outcome we pause to let them simply happen to us.

Through gathered knowledge and decisive, learned actions the outcome we pursue is much more easily attained. Learn a predictable way to arrive at the moments of anticipation through directed discovery over fear and hesitation. The results of an applied learning approach will be reflected by positive effort toward far more positive and well anticipated consequences.

“Fear defeats more people than any one thing in the world.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson —


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