A Concentrated Few

Trying to do it all at once rarely leads to very much success with any. When your attention, thoughts and actions are spread to thin, you haven’t the time to do any of them well. When the sense of urgency presses you too broadly, it is time to prioritize and lessen the breadth of your focus.

What is best for us is to prioritize, to concentrate only on the few most important facets of our efforts in the best and most efficient time frame. Some issues from your assessment will matter less and these will need to be deferred or even shelved in the moment. The consequences of all thing’s done poorly amid a rush are much greater than only taking care of the precious few that matter most.

To have prioritized and correctly applied ample attention is your best strategy. There is great wisdom in the concept of managing your priorities and having learned to address only the most important matters well.

“Doing less, brings a double satisfaction.” — Marcus Aurelius —


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