Earned Worth

In most circumstances, we have a choice. The path of least resistance for the simple and easy outcome or the path of greater effort to extend the value and the worth of truly applying ourselves. Either way, there is an outcome, but only in the way of a greater effort will we prosper and grow in relation with others.

For the greater good, there is generally an obstacle or challenge to overcome. If we shy away from the challenge to take the easy course, our expectations should me much lower. If we take on the challenge for the betterment of ourselves and others, it will be much harder. But, within that level of difficulty, paired with a concerted and learned effort, the effect of the hardness is where we will prosper in worth.

The easy choices are the choices that lead to a harder life and the difficult choices prove over time to be the easier life after all. Know that the work that you put into a better way remains in direct correlation with the outcomes you should expect from them.

Aim to fully experience the decisions that you make so that you may earnestly enjoy the fruits of your labor and the lessons learned along the way to be applied with the next challenging path.

“Ask that the journey not be easy; ask instead that it be worth it. — John F. Kennedy —


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