To learn requires that we continuously exert our minds to challenge ourselves to do more and to be more. Without a self-imposed challenge and a predetermined destination of progress to arrive at, we will simply ramble along. The challenge and the destination need to be set and met through rigor. Without the effort and the purposeful goal, no directional progress will be attained.

The rigor of continual learning and applying what we learn going forward starts with curiosity and is sustained through persistent effort. These are the force that move us with critical determination to excel above the norm. From our success, we discover satisfaction and happiness with our progress.

It is on us to challenge ourselves. It is on us to set a specific goal to arrive at. Then it is on us to learn our way through and beyond that level with rigor. We would never tire of learning, the mind is prepared for the long haul if we actively incite ourselves to do so. No rigor in carrying forward, no progress with our learning.

“Thinking is like exercise, it requires consistency and rigor. Like barbells in a weightlifting room, the classics either force us to put them down or exert our minds. They require us to think.” — Oliver DeMille —


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