Think Into It

If today you expect very little for yourself, you are sure to gain very little. By setting the bar low, we can aim for nothing but to exist for another day. We would accomplish nothing, construct nothing and experienced nothing new, just as we set off to do.

From higher expectations of ourselves, we have the opportunity to thrive. The motivation to do so lies from within. It is no one’s responsibility to motivate us to want to do more each day. Don’t look externally for motivation, look within yourself where the power to excel and expand resides.

Anticipate the greater outcomes you will earn from your applied and highly motivated efforts. Thrive to change habits that need changing so that you can learn and relearn toward the higher goals. There are always new and better ways to proceed from higher expectations.

Give yourself a chance each day to be steeped in expectations for a greater good. Evolve from your directed experiences and the wisdom you will gain from them. Expect to continue learning throughout your lifetime. You will be so much farther ahead than if you would only have hoped to simply pass through time.

“Life is a mirror and will reflect to the thinker what he thinks into it.” — Earnest Holmes —


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