Free Thinking

There is a natural pull for us to believe and to behave as most others do. As this would relate to stopping at a red light, as we all should, conformity makes sense for all. From this order, all can remain safe. To think more freely at each red light you’d come across would be chaotic for all.

When faced with less routine decisions, we have the capacity to think and to act for ourselves. The ideal being that we would opt to do the right thing on all occasions, rather than simply doing what most other people do. Within the hundreds of decisions we make each day, which of them for you are born of free thinking and which are a canned response for all that makes us the same?

Free thinking requires us to go beyond the common by seeking to learn more. Pause to determine by independent evaluation your thoughts and actions each day. Uphold your ultimate and meaningful purpose in life and aim toward this as an accomplishment with all that you do.

Different isn’t bad if it works best for you in your authentic pursuit of your purpose. Others have different purposes and aims to pursue. Their thoughts and actions should be guided by their purpose and that is fine as well.

“Be a free thinker and don’t accept everything you hear as truth. Be critical and evaluate what you believe in.” — Aristotle —

MITM #1,200

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