To be quite sure of everything is a boring life. We all tend to settle in our preference of living a life of certainty. One that we wouldn’t incur any surprises with. A little fluctuation here or there may be enough, but secured certainty is maintained and managed by our thoughts and actions.

If we think back over time, some of the greatest lessons we’ve learned and some of the most memorable and vibrant moments in our lives have come from those surprises. These are the greatest lessons learned as they have shaped us to grow and to continue learning.

Uncertainty can’t inherently be planned, but it can be eagerly approached as a mindset. The expansive revelations of change and progress won’t come from the mundane management of your existence. It will come from seeking experiences for exploration amid the unknown. First experiences that we intentionally pursue, bring us closer to uncertainties. Here at that approaching edge you can thrive to broaden your potential for growth.

Seek to start something new and do so differently from time to time to invite uncertainty. Our options and our time to do so is limited, a rabid curiosity to continue learning far away from the mundane is a powerful attribute anyone can grow with.

“If man were never to fade away… but lingered on forever in the world, how things would lose their power to move us. The most precious thing in life is it’s uncertainty. — Yoshida Kenko —


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