Expect Much?

What level of expectations you sustain in your efforts will generally guide you to a commensurate level of the outcome you merit. Low expectations sets the stage for attaining low outcomes. If your goal today is to simply make it through the day, that will likely be all that you do. In the absence of higher expectations, we generally fail to thrive.

By setting higher expectations, we perceive and pursue opportunities that will move us to higher outcomes. One can happen without the other, but with no intentional aim to learn and progress toward it, it would be more luck than earned from aspirational and applied actions.

When we think bigger and better in preparation for the actions we will take, bigger and better is more feasible. We are capable to thrive above the status quo for a greater good when we are focused to do so. Bigger expectations can bring bigger challenges, but this is where authentic progress is made toward better outcomes.

The experience of learning and continually applying what we can learn is best attained in the pursuit of a greater good. With limited expectations, we limit ourselves. With high expectations, we will continue learning. We will only start from where we are currently at, but we can always do more by setting expectations for a greater outcome and learn along the way up.

“High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectations.” — Charles Kettering —


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