To read a good book is a great start to gather knowledge. A good student will diligently prepare to answer all of the questions correctly on a test. They will take in the predetermined base of information to memorize it all in such a manner that will promote their immediate success. They have organized to take in the knowledge, but a written test isn’t a true measure of wisdom.

Wisdom is the application of what has been learned beyond the written test. Wisdom occurs in our active lives among ever-changing and complex relationships with many moving parts. Wisdom requires the discipline and character of a learner to efficiently and effectively assess stark realities with the end goals upheld to set a prescriptive course of actions. Wisdom from application is more than the the correct true or false or multiple choice answer.

Wisdom comes from the experience of having successfully applied knowledge in life for ourselves. The matter of decisions and actions becomes simplified as we learn and apply to combine vast assortments of knowledge. A strategy is formed and proven in the shared realities of conditions and circumstances to engage in the right things at the precise right time.

A masterful and wise person may not do as well on a test within a classroom, but give them a challenge within their area of gathered expertise and they will solve it in reality with ease. Wisdom is lived success, discovered and organized by experiences applied over and over again.

“Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.” — Immanuel Kant —


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