Along the course of your continuous learning, we may seek the advice of others. The intent being that we would be better able to discover our way to progress from the insight that we sought. We should naturally hold to our own advice and sense of direction, but there is a place for good and productive advice.

Be leery of advice offered to you before you would have asked for it. The motivation for others to tell you what to do without your asking is largely about them and not you. Free and disassociated advice taken can be very costly.

When you do seek advice, look to those who want to fully connect with you and the specific circumstances and experiences surrounding you. You’ll want to trust that the bulk of advice offered is centered prescriptively upon you and not the advisor or another agenda being held.

The best advice often comes from those that are successful, not those that are troubled just as you are. They have learned and applied experience in circumstances similar to yours that has allowed them to grow themselves. They will also stay with you until you reach the outcome you were determined to attain. The best advisors aspire to learn from your experiences along with you so that they may deepen their own wisdom as well.

“Be careful who you get advice from. I get advice from people who are where I want to be.” — Robert Kiyosaki —


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