Time will tend to go too slow when you anxiously await something good. Time goes too fast when we anxious to have to start something new or challenging. Time is too long when we are going through something unpleasant and too short when all appears to be going well.

The importance that we place on time will determine the effect of it on us. Too much emphasis on clocks and calendars and the emotions surrounding our decisions will often have us to become dissatisfied along the way. Too little emphasis and the work moves on without us.

As with most things, seek the balance. Our only decision to be made related to time is what we will do with it. The emotional pulls before, during and after we have decided what we do with time are the detractors of our satisfaction. Enjoy the moments and the journey through time as you decide how and when you will use it. If you would be five minutes too late or too early, focus more on the inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes of the value of a decision rather than sensations derived from missing a precise time.

“Time is the coin of life. Only you can determine how it will be spent.” — Carl Sandburg —


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