When something begins to appear that it might end badly, this is no time to give up on it. We are better off to get the most of every experience that is presented to us.

If we give up early, before the outcome is purely evident, we will make matters much worse for ourselves. By staying in the moments with retained focus, we have the opportunity to gain more from the experience and improve the outcome at the end. Had we given up early on to merely accept our fate, we would never know.

The hardest lessons learned are often the best lessons. We may as well be actively engaged as we learn, even learning the most from the outcomes that are less favorable. The odds remain in the favor of the continuous learner, the one that strives to make a difference in steady effort to better the outcome as they learn.

Would you rather be the continuous learner or the one that gave in when the ending appeared to be bad? I’ll always fly with the learner to a better end to be more successful with this one and with the next series of endings after that.

“If you’re faced with a forced landing, fly the thing as far into the crash as possible.” — Bob Hoover —


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